Speedwolfs X Forge Motorsports

“One for One” Initiative Dedicated To Providing High Quality Apparel & Services. 
COLLOMBEY - MURAZ, SWITZERLAND November, 9, 2020 – SPEEDWOLFS™, a global sustainable motorsports and apparel company, today announced a partnership with Forge Motorsports that aims to provide sustainable and ecological products for clients and partners. Helping and giving back to the world. Stay up to date with the latest creations, ranging from minimalistic designs all the way up to some pretty wild ones! 
“Working with Forge Motorsports is a great fit for Speedwolfs,” said Speedwolfs founder and Chief Executive Officer, Javier Lozano. “Sustainability is at the core of our business model, and while we make a tremendous environmental impact throughout our production line, it’s great to have another way to give back and help the environment and our clients.” Climate Change is clearly affecting our world, hence why we decided to work with one of the best covering organizations. Producing sustainable apparel and working with textiles of extremely high end quality, made in Germany, it was a priority for us to give back to nature, as it gives so much to us! It's a win-win situation for both our clients and planet earth!
The objectives of this new partnership include:
  • Supporting sustainable production
  • Empowering consumers with sustainable actions
  • Raising awareness about the importance of ecosystem restoration
  • Being able to give back to planet earth with any purchase 
Planting trees is one of the best ways to combat the damaging effects of climate change. Trees help clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and provide habitat to over 80 percent of the world’s terrestrial biodiversity. Trees also provide tremendous social impacts by providing jobs to over 1.6 billion people, empowering women in underdeveloped nations, and supporting communities devastated by environmental damage. 
Thanks to our partners, we will give back to earth by donating 1 dollar to our partner foundation to proceed on planting trees worldwide everytime we sell a Forge product on site! To learn more, visit https://onetreeplanted.org/
About Speedwolfs
The brand, based in Switzerland is a sustainable clothing company and accessories manufacturer. Since inception, we’ve balanced purpose and profit, with a focus on providing and delivering high end quality apparel. Latest Printing Technology and hand assembly come together to make each Wolfer garment as comfortable, fashionable, and sustainable possible. For each piece of garment or accessories purchased, we plant one tree in order to preserve our plant for generations to come. To learn more, visit www.speedwolfslab.com

Forge Motorsport was founded in 1996 with the simple ideals of innovation, clever design, and manufacturing to the highest quality.Forge Motorsport are manufacturers of World class products of the highest quality, delivering outstanding customer service beyond anything ever encountered Our mantra is the BEST customer care and after service worldwide. In doing this, we have developed the largest range of replacement aftermarket valves, intercoolers, and actuators in the world. Utilising a state of the art in house CNC machine shop, and a highly skilled team of dedicated engineers and fabricators, we supply Forge branded product worldwide, to our sister companies Forge USA in Orlando, and Forge Asia in Taichung Taiwan.
To learn more visit www.forgemotorsports.co.uk